Electronic Warfare

Electronic warfare is used primarily to disrupt, disable, degrade or deceive an enemy’s command and control, thereby crippling the enemy’s ability to make effective and timely decisions, while simultaneously protecting and preserving friendly command and control.

  • Electronic Warfare Strategy Development

  • Program Planning for EW systems

  • C4ISR Integration

  • Fire Support Planning

Cyber Operations

We understand the importance of addressing the growing threat from cyber intrusions against our military, civilian, commercial, and intelligence systems.

  • Cyber Policy planning and implementation

  • Cyber security risk analysis

  • Information Operations

  • Offensive and defensive cyber integration




We have helped define and develop recently fielded C4ISR systems.

  • Requirements definition for C4ISR systems

  • Ground – airborne C4ISR integration

  • C4ISR – cyber integration

  • Evaluation of commercial applications for C4ISR systems


We have experience on several recent aviation programs. We have worked on recent projects to improve fielded aviation systems and to also define future aviation platforms.

  • Science and Technology Development for aviation systems

  • Vertical Lift technology assessment

  • Software development for aviation systems

  • Commercial applications for aviation technologies



Unmanned Systems

We understand the rapidly developing world of unmanned systems development. We have worked on recent projects to define future unmanned systems.

  • Unmanned system development strategies

  • Decision aiding for unmanned systems

  • Cost – benefit analyses for unmanned systems

  • Stakeholder engagement